I am a painter, I photograph for inspiration, I write, and I sew.  This site will soon carry images of my work, schedules of readings, and exhibits, and a newly activated blog.  Below find my schedule of events ending 2016. Currently exhibiting paintings at Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery, 204 N.Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale,CA. October 30, find…Read more »

In his artist’s statement, Mark Perlman says that seldom does a pre-conceived image begin his painting process; rather he is pulled into the work by the “where,” the invitation to travel with the notion, or unformed idea.  His work is layered with color, wax, texture, shadow.  He cuts into the surface, allows light to dance…Read more »

Starting Point

Where does a painting begin?  What in daily life inspires the first brush-load  of paint?  For an abstract painter, these, and similar questions, can be daunting.  Abstract art has its own vocabulary.  Abstract art is often referred to as contemporary, or modern, when in fact, the human mind has made abstract nearly every notion ever…Read more »